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Waste in action

Recycling green waste

In France as in England, the aims of waste management are ambitious, i.e. optimize the recycling of the waste collected, in suitable waste streams.  Within the scope of the project, East Sussex County Council, Furniture Now! and SMÉDAR are innovating and developing new strategies upstream and downstream of composting green waste.

The green waste stream is at the heart of SMÉDAR and East Sussex County Council's co-operation. Recycling the wood recovered with green waste or encouraging individual composting, are the trends taken up on both sides of the Channel.

While East Sussex and Furniture Now! are working on identifying new compostable sources, in particular fermentable waste and commercial waste, SMÉDAR is implementing a collection waste stream for wood residues at waste collection centres.

More compost and fewer residues, thanks to the cross-border project, the waste stream is finding a new balance. The first operations have been very successful.

Hence, East Sussex is developing the concept of a "Compost Doctor", with the aim of promoting individual composting. British employees are giving useful advice to inhabitants and support them in their action. Voluntary companies and non-profit making organizations in the region can also participate.

Reduce the quantity of waste

The aims are publicized: Make composting more widespread in order to reduce the quantity of waste sent to the island's landfill sites.

For their part, after having proved the efficiency of the new wood recycling system, in a test waste collection centre, SMÉDAR will widen its scope of action to other waste collection centres on its territory. In 2010, it will carry out an advertising campaign in order to make sure that the majority of inhabitants participate. They will have to separate grass cuttings from branches when taking them to the waste collection centre.

The chips should rapidly be in demand since they are sold as fuel for industrial boilers.